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Premium Eco Wrap - Sample pack

Premium Eco Wrap - Sample pack

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Prototype: samples will slightly vary in width.

4 jumbo rolls. Each roll is 44% larger than the standard 5 yard rolls. 

The only eco cohesive bandage wrap in tattooing. Made from a blend of cellulose and isoprene. 100% biodegradable. 

The non eco version of the product has each roll individually wrapped in plastic. It is wrapped in plastic because when not, the rolls will stick together so tightly that they cannot be separated. They are not wrapped due to sterilization as this is not a sterilized product.

Please note: in buying this product, you accept a follow up email containing a 5 minute survey. We're in testing for this product, and want to ensure Eco Tattooers are happy with it before we advance to a large scale run.


  • Material: Cellulose & isoprene
  • 4 jumbo rolls
  • 2" in width
  • Over 7 yards when stretched out


  • Super soft
  • No plastic lines running through the material
  • Made from 100% biodegradable materials
  • No plastic waste - plastic bags not needed for each individual roll


Currently in testing with the CMA


Currently in testing with the CMA

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