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This 5 panel camper hat is made in partnership with Topiku who's mandate is to ethically make hats from completely recycled and up-cycled materials. 

• The brim of this hat is made from recycled HDPE plastic salvaged from landfills and in ecosystems. 

• The Fabric of this hat is made from up-cycled organic cotton twill (GOTS certified), by using deadstock fabrics that would have otherwise been thrown in a landfill. 

• The button is made from recycled pop cans

• Ethically made in Indonesia, here is Topiku's statement on how they work with local artisans to make their clothing:

We utilize ethical craft rather than "sweatshop" garment factories commonly employed by fast-fashion brands across the world by collaborating with local home industries in the village of Cigondewah in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Home industries allow men and women to work from the comfort of their own home, participate in a closely-knit community, and provide them a platform to share their craft through their specialized skills.

We offer both men and women equitable work opportunities and pay them a living wage of almost double the local minimum wage.

Our commitment to industrial ecology will form the basis for long-term sustainable environmental, social, and economic growth in these developing communities.


Why we at Good Judy wanted to partner with Topiku:

When we discovered Topiku we wanted to support a company that is trying to tackle our global waste management problem in one of the most affected areas of the world. As a developing nation, Indonesia faces many challenges. Inadequate waste management services – yet alone awareness – plague the archipelago, allowing the country to become the world’s second largest ocean polluter. The capital of Jakarta produces a staggering 7000 tons (28.5% plastic) of waste each day. Of the collected trash, only an abysmal rate of 7.5% (2% in rural regions) gets recycled. Currently, Indonesia does not have the proper resources to tackle this growing waste epidemic.

Each material used to assemble a Topiku hat has begun as reclaimed garbage which not only severely reduces the carbon footprint of its manufacturing but actively fights to keep the environment (land and sea) healthier. We support Topiku because we want more companies to operate their level of integrity. We believe supporting the global fight to reverse pollution relies heavily on transforming trash into something new. Thank you Topiku for taking what would have been more ocean waste and turning it into high quality hats. 





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