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Bowers High-Jack Switch

Bowers High-Jack Switch

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The High-Jack is a product developed and patented by Joshua Bowers to make clip cords drape and move more easily while you work. The High-Jack magnetically attaches to your work station and plugs in to the machine port on your power supply. Your clip cords then plugs in to the High-Jack, effectively lifting the cord jacks 5 feet in to the air. This allows the cords to drape naturally from above you, doesn’t rub on the floor, doesn’t snag across your lap and it takes weight off of the back of the machine easing hand fatigue greatly.

The High-Jack Switch has all the great features of the basic High-Jack with the great new feature of having a switch box at the end to be able to toggle back and forth between two cords. This is a great feature for people using multiple cord types or just want two cords connected so they don’t have to switch cords back and forth. The toggle move from side to side selecting which cord is powered with off in the middle, so you can run on constant and turn your machine off at the High-Jack.

This product will extend the life of your clip cords and truly extend your range of motion in your work space. 

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