Magnum Shader Long Taper
Magnum Shader Long Taper
Magnum Shader Long Taper
Magnum Shader Long Taper
Magnum Shader Long Taper
Magnum Shader Long Taper

Magnum Shader Long Taper

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Workhorse x Good Judy ECO Premium Membrane Cartridges

What's exceptional and new about these eco cartridges? 

• They lock into machines very securely 

• They produce different line weights than our other cartridge brand. If you're looking for bold crisp lines to pair with fine line features the traditional and round loose groupings will be of particular interest to you. 

•  Superior ink flow and stability. 

Tested and trusted, these Eco Conscious Tattoo Cartridges provide outstanding quality. Our collaboration ensures a check of sustainability you can count on, certified by internationally-recognized third party organizations.

The packaging for these needles is completely unbleached, PFAS-free, compostable and recyclable, and is another step in our companies' commitment to environmental protection.

With more qc checks and higher quality needles, this top-notch product is perfectly tailored for tattoo artists by tattoo artists, after 20 years of continuously improving their quality and configurations.


  • Raw Materials: PLA, PBS & Minerals
  • Long taper
  • 20 per box
  • Needle indicator
  • EO gas sterilized
  • Impermeable soft safety membrane
  • 98% less plastic than traditional cartridge


  • Industrially compostable
  • High performing cartridge
  • Needle and membrane to be easily separated for composting

Compostability / Biodegradability

Industrial composting: CMA CG124 covered in vessel tested for decomposition in under 45 days. 

Certifications / Testing

Proven to breakdown under CMA CG124 testing.