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Good Judy

Eco Crew Socks

Eco Crew Socks

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Good Judy x Hippy Feet: Socks made in America

This Eco Crew sock is made in partnership with Hippy Feet who's mandate is to donate 50% of Net Profits to non-profit organizations serving young people experiencing homelessness. These socks are made entirely in the U.S.



  • Women's 5.5 - 9
  • Men's 4 - 7.5


  • Women's 9.5+
  • Men's 8 - 13 


Water saved in 2021: 14.6 Million Gallons

By using recycled materials in our products, we've been able to limit the water associated with growing new cotton. This also minimizes the amount the synthetic materials and dyes that need to be created.

Material diverted from landfills in 2021: 6,097 Pounds

The cotton and polyester in our socks comes recycled t-shirt trimmings — giving a new life to textiles that were otherwise heading for a landfill.

How Hippy Feet Makes Decisions

"Recycled materials are the most sustainable option we can find to create our products. If we're not able to get recycled textiles, we use organically grown materials and limit our use of synthetics.

We prioritize partners with who are already practicing sustainability initiatives and have a strong sense of stewardship for our planet.

Our business is environmentally friendly behind the scenes as well. All of our shipping supplies is made from recycled or reusable material. We're continuing to improve different parts of our operations in a way that minimizes our footprint."


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