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Compostable Razors

Compostable Razors

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The most eco-certified, compostable single use razor in the industry, made from a PLA bio-plastic blend.

This razor can be industrially composted, the blade can be removed and put in a sharp's bin. 

These improved razors show our commitment to evolving by constantly seeking out new and better ways to make compostable products. 


  • Material: PLA, PBAT & PBS
  • 50 per box
  • Double blade
  • Click on safety guard
  • 9cm (3.5 inch) handle
  • 4cm (1.5 inch) head


  • Commercially/Industrially compostable
  • Made from 100% compostable materials
  • Just as sturdy as regular plastic
  • Performs as well as standard plastic razor


If industrially composted, they will completely decompose in less than 180 days.


DIN 7W0417: ASTM D6400 & EN 13432

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