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Compostable Medical Masks

Compostable Medical Masks

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The world's first compostable mask with medical/surgical grade protection that's made in America! Supporting local manufacturing drastically reduces the amount of carbon emissions made during shipping. Instead of travelling thousands of miles to get to you these masks will travel a fraction of that. 

Why does this matter? In North America less than 10% of all plastics are recycled. The other 90% predominantly ends up in our oceans, coastlines and waterways.

Since 2019 the surge in demand for PPE has generated over 57 Million pounds of plastic medical garbage and masks are among the most prevalent. 

Researchers predict that plastic waste from the pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on ocean ecosystems, with most of it ending up in either the seabed (28.8%) or beaches (70.5%) by the end of the century.

What can we do about it? Using compostable materials supports cleaner waste management solutions. Composting is a biological process that is done at an industrial scale and converts organic waste back into nutrient rich soil. Not only does this divert plastic pollution from the environment, it supports biodiversity.


  • Raw Materials: PLA
  • 9cm x 17cm or 3.5" x 7"
  • 50 masks per box
  • 3 melt blown layers 
  • Made in the USA


  • 99.95% biodegradable (small amount of spandex used for ear loop functionality)
  • Surgical grade protection (same PFE & BFE as an N95)
  • Requires 65% less energy to make than regular masks
  • Emits 68% fewer greenhouse gases during production

Compostability / Biodegradability

Industrial composting between 90 - 180 days. 


Medical: ASTM Level 2 with PFE & BFE 98%+

Eco: ASTM D6400 | ASTM D6868 | EN 13432

CMA CG124 covered in vessel tested for decomposition in under 45 days. Click here to see report.

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