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About us

Good Judy is a Toronto based company that provides environmentally responsible tattoo supplies to artists, fittingly sparked from a casual conversation about climate change durning a tattoo session. Now working with bio-tech manufacturers internationally Good Judy’s mandate is to always seek out the newest and best environmentally responsible products that have the least impact on our planet.



Lee D’Angelo , Co-founder

Lee is a Toronto based tattoo artist. For many years their work was punctuated by political activism and over the last year that activism came to encompass environmental issues as well. After opening a tattoo shop in the fall of 2017 Lee started to notice the huge amounts of single use plastics being thrown out and the weight of that guilt started to build. Lee spent months researching and archiving any biodegradable material that could be used as a substitute for tattoo supplies and it quickly became obvious to them that the technology was certainly there - the only thing that lacked in the industry was awareness.


Ryan Hanna , Co- founder

Ryan is a Toronto based serial entrepreneur with businesses in tech and advertising. On the personal side he is a mental health advocate, a spiritualist who practices mediumship and a total sports junky.

On the environmental side of things, Ryan has always been passionate about our planet. Whether it’s picking up trash as a youngster near his grandma’s house, shopping at thrift stores to stock his closet or using reusable products, Ryan takes every opportunity to reinforce sustainable habits. With the carbon neutral deadline approaching. Ryan recognizes it is now more important than ever to promote this way of living. Combining his skills as an entrepreneur came naturally.

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