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Good Judy is a Toronto-based company that provides environmentally responsible tattoo supplies to artists.


Our six commitments for building Good Judy as a leader in the eco-business are:


  1. Sustainable products

Supplying the most sustainable products technologically possible. This means offering a line of products that have the least amount of environmental impact on our planet. Our most important consideration is a product’s end of life cycle, meaning how well and under what circumstances products will return to the earth.


  1. Affordable pricing

Our competitive pricing model matches market rates for standard petroleum-based plastic products. Green products will only replace standard plastics if businesses and consumers can afford them. Eco-products are typically more expensive than traditional alternatives as they cost more to produce. We are “breaking the chain” by not passing that cost on to you.


  1. Industry innovation

Eco-products are significantly more sustainable than petroleum-based plastic products but have a long way to go. Because of this, we consider ourselves manufacturing agnostic. This means never committing to one specific manufacturer to encourage continuous innovation within the industry. We’re constantly searching out companies that produce more sustainable versions of our product line.


  1. Local manufacturing

This is currently challenging for eco-companies in North America because single-use items are broadly manufactured overseas. As we continue to grow, it is a goal of ours to invest in infrastructure here in North America to eliminate the carbon it takes shipping products overseas. This is certainly a long-term goal, but as we grow, we are committed to see it through.


  1. Improved composting

From city to city, industrial compost facilities drastically differ. For example, a compostable bag  placed in a Toronto (Canada) bin will end up in a landfill because the facility is not equipped to breakdown such a product. In Edmonton (Canada), this compostable bag would be composted as their facilities have the technology needed to break down those materials. Each of our products specify how they should be discarded, but please confirm with your municipality if your city’s facility is able to compost them. If not, don’t worry! Our products have been designed to also break down in a landfill, but of course, it will take longer. We do not recommend putting our products in your home composting system as the heat and oxygen required is not sufficient.


  1. Certifications

We currently adhere to the rules and regulations of the science driven organizations that confirm products are, in fact, compostable and/or biodegradable (see our “certified” tab for a full list). We are committed to always using products that are certified by official third-party organizations.


If you have any questions about our products, or the eco-industry in general, please do not hesitate to reach out 😊