Thick Tattoo Towels
Thick Tattoo Towels

Thick Tattoo Towels

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We've redesigned our tattoo towels which now come pre-cut and 40 per box! The most absorbent, durable and eco tattoo towel yet!

These 5"x 2" cloths are quilted, very soft on skin and of course they are 100% plant based, making these a great option for the planet and tattoo sessions of any length. Our thick tattoo towels are a great alternative to shop cloths and other synthetic wipes that are used for their higher absorbency and softness.  Instead of wasting many rolls of paper towel or using synthetic clothes which contain plastics in them, these tattoo towels are an eco-responsible answer to both issues.

Less is truly more with our thick tattoo towels. Our tattoo towels are 3 times thicker making them excellent at grabbing and holding inks but also easy to rinse mid session so it doesn't become over saturated and messy to use. Whether you are doing a full colour back piece or tattooing intricate line work, this product is going to make your job easier and your clients will love how it feels compared to paper towel. 

How to Use

1. Fully dampen to activate the soft absorbent texture of the towel

2. Long lasting towel for lining any sized tattoo. Works best when dampened but not wet

3. For shading: the towel can hold a lot of ink. The towel can be rinsed to extend it's life in a session



  • Raw Materials: 70% Cellulose | 30% Cotton
  • Sheet size: 13cm x 5.5 cm or 5" x 2"
  • Very thick
  • Undyed
  • 40 sheets per pack
  • Like paper towel rolls, this product does not come sterilized but you can disinfect it with green soap or isopropyl alcohol before use. That will help activate the absorbent texture 


  • Soft on skin
  • 100% Plant-based 
  • 100% Proven to decompose in CMA-W, Windrow field testing
  • Very thick, absorbent and durable!

Compostability / Biodegradability

100% decomposition in CMA-W field test in under 90 days.


 • CMA-W field test PASS in Windrow compost field test. 

• Lab testing in 2024

Compost Manufacturing Alliance