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Creative Beast Workhsop

CBW HandPoke Tools

CBW HandPoke Tools

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This tool is intended for professional use only, we do not sell hand-poke tools for hobby purposes and will check to make sure sales are going to working tattoo artists. We wish to elevate and promote the art of hand poking professionals.


NEW Custom made, handpoke tool made by our friends at Curious Beast Workshop with increased length and a thicker size option.

Each tool is hand machined and a patina is applied. Due to this there will be very minor differences between each piece giving them all a little bit of individuality.

#09 is the slim original size

#10 is the larger sharpie size 


  • Classic pencil design crafted from Brass
  • Weighted tool for added balance pressure when poking
  • Takes all needle on bar liners and round shaders up to 9RL
  • 09 Sizing: 4.7" long x 1/4" wide or 12cm long x 0.6cm wide
  • 10 Sizing: 4.7" long x 1/2" wide or 12cm long x 1.2cm wide
  • Takes premium thick bar needles from Workhorse x Good Judy collab 1RL-9RL

How to use

  • Disinfect/cold sterilized before & after use
  • Cut the loop off your on bar needle and feed it through the tip of the tool
  • Lock needle bar into place with side screw
  • Wrap/cover tool in protective cover
  • When finished, pull the needle out from the tip to ensure the needle tip does not pass through the entire tool

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