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Mycelium Trays

Mycelium Trays

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Does not include ink caps | 10 trays per pack


Try our new prototypes! These trays are made from a blend of mycelium and hemp by-product from farms in the UK. We are investing in mycelium technology because this material exemplifies what plant-based alternatives to plastic means - it was grown, not refined in through chemical processes! 

It is our intention to promote and develop the use of mycelium based materials within the tattoo industry. This is just the beginning and this material has many forms and can accommodate many applications - with your interest we can get there! 

What makes mycelium so great for the environment?

Not only is this material made from the by-product of agricultural waste, it is Biodigestable meaning it can be broken down by bacteria in the absence of oxygen.  In fact, in large scale industrial anaerobic digestion trials of this material proved to be both effective and beneficial in drying out wet food matter, typically found in kerbside food collections.  

Our manufacturing partner The Magical Mushroom Company ® is working on a recycling program, allowing them to collect this material after use and then supplying it to anaerobic digestion plants for the generation of clean energy!


  • 10 Trays per pack
  • When kept dry this material has a shelf life of 30 years 
  • Holds 5 small and 2 medium paper ink caps
  • Made from mycelium and hemp by-product 
  • Water resistant material


  • Can be disinfected with isopropyl alcohol before use
  • Trays are heat treated during their growing process
  • A completely natural alternative to fossil based polymers 
  • Made in the UK

Compostability / Biodegradability

Home compostable in 45 days, industrially compostable in less than 45 days


EN 13432 / ASTM D6400

CMA-W field test PASS in Windrow compost field test. Proven to disintegrate in under 90 days. Click here to see report.

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