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Bowers Repairable Clip Cord

Bowers Repairable Clip Cord

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The Bowers repairable clip cord is designed with function, maintenance and sustainability in mind. This 6ft clip cord can be repaired quickly and easily so you'll never find yourself in a situation without a functioning clip cord and it will save you money. 

This clip cord is made to be very robust and durable, but it can be repaired quickly as a bonus. Cord features adhesive lined insulation wrapping the connections to the high quality Amphenol mono plug. The wire itself has a light weight non-stick jacket material and a high strand count with small gauge wire to give the wire flexibility and durability. Joshua Bowers had this wire specially formulated and manufactured in the USA, you will only find this wire on cords that bear his name.

Brass leads that are replaceable and easily modified to suit your machines or how you like your cord to lay. These leads are made of brass instead of the industry standard of stainless steel for better conductivity and to prevent grooving your brass binding posts. Long life spring that can be replaced, or repaired. Wires can be removed from lugs to repair shorts that happen from movement.

COMES WITH A TOOL KIT AND ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO REPAIR IT, including instructions and extra parts. Each tool kit contains instructions, a razor blade, two allen wrenches, 2 spare set screws and two extra leads.

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