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Bowers Steeldriver (original)
Bowers Steeldriver (original)
Bowers Steeldriver (original)
Bowers Steeldriver (original)
Bowers Steeldriver (original)

Bowers Steeldriver (original)

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This machine is made by and for tattoo artists, it is truly well made and versatile. It is a light weight machine that packs a serious punch and can push any needle grouping with ease. 

Joshua Bowers engineered the Steeldriver to incorporate the best aspects of well tuned coil machines and rotaries together. The Steeldriver is plug and play, it’s designed for anyone coming from either coils or rotaries to be able to hook it up and be comfortable with the machine with very little adaptation time.

Rotary machines have a tendency to want to push skin away from the needles as they are coming down because the needles are slowing down on that last quarter of the cams rotation. Rather than punching the needles in like a coil machine they ease in to the skin. The Steeldriver goes a few steps further and eliminates that last quarter of the stroke altogether, the needles come to a complete stop at terminal velocity. What that gives you is an incredibly balanced and controlled stroke that is more capable of lining off the tips of the needles with both large and small groupings.

As a shader the Steeldriver punches ink in to the skin with great efficiency. Black and gray as well as other softer techniques can be achieved with the Steeldriver through practice as well.

Recommended voltage: lining 6.5-8.5 , shading 5-6.5

Made in America