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Compostable Razors
Compostable Razors
Compostable Razors
Compostable Razors
Compostable Razors
Compostable Razors

Compostable Razors

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Eco-responsible single use razors made from starch-based bio-plastics.

50 razors per box, and 5 boxes per case.

This razor can be industrially composted, the blade can be removed and put in a sharpe's bin. 


  • Material: Starch-based bio-plastic
  • Double blade
  • 9cm (3.5 inch) handle
  • 4cm (1.5 inch) head


  • Commercially/Industrially compostable
  • Made from starch-based bio-plastic
  • Just as sturdy as regular plastic
  • Performs as well as standard plastic razor


If industrially composted, they decompose 40.6% in 45 days and 71.7% after 139 days.


SGS Certified under the standard testing of ISO 14855-1:2005 --> ISO 14855-1:2012

Allergy Warning

This product has not been tested for people with skin-wheat allergies. 0.4% of the population has a diagnosed skin allergy to wheat.

Please note: Celiac disease (also known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy or sprue) is not the same as a wheat allergy.

For clarity, a person with Celiac disease can use our razors as long as they don't have a skin allergy to wheat as well.